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Customer ReviewsAqua Aire Cushion Customer Reviews

Use 2 Aqua Aire Cushions for driving

2 Aqua Aire Cushions for added support
Use 1 Aqua Aire Cushion for lumbar support and another to increase leg circulation.
Aqua-Aire Seat Cushion Comfort System customizes your needs.

Aqua-Aire So Versatile it Replaces all other Cushions!

many uses for the aqua aire cushion
Uses: motorcycle, airplane, auto, long haul trucking, RV, office chair


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Adjustable Comfort--The Aqua Aire seat cushion has been ergonomically designed in a "U"shape to perfectly fit the contour of a person's body for optimum comfort.

The cushion has an insert (bladder) through which the user can fill it with water. Air can then blown into the cushion for a desired firmness. A .5" high density foam to cover the bladder, and finally, a high-quality zippered cover with a non-skid base and loops for adjustable straps (straps sold separately).

A TOTE bag is also included.

MANY USES: Motorcycle, Sporting Events, Office chair, Auto, RV, Wheelchair.... the list goes on and on!
Fully custimized by you! just add water and air
Features Benefits
3 layers of comfort, .5 inch high density foam, zippered outer cover and inflatable bladder reduces occlusion of blood, shear force and shock in nearly every seated position

Now get the New & Improved Cushion at the lowest price

We have spent a great deal of time developing one of the most advanced seat cushions on the market helping assure you get the best product when looking for: water cushion, wheelchair cushion, gel seat cushion, foam cushion, car cushion, adjustable seat pad, ergonomic seat cushion, inflatable seat cushion, outdoor cushion, custom seat cushion, driving seat cushion, custom seat pad, motorcycle cushion or pad, ergonomic cushion alleviating broken tailbone pain, pressure sore discomfort and all related lumbar cushion problems.

 Lets face it....there are many situations in which you would like to improve your seating. However, it is not necessary to buy a different seat cushion for the different environments you sit in such as stadium pad, coccyx pad, lumbar seat, chiropractic cushion, driving seat or even a boat pad. That would be foolish not to mention expensive! However, if you follow the curve you would be required to purchase a seat for your car, a different one for you motorcycle and yet again another one for the stadium you go to and so on. This is just simply not true. We have developed a cushion that can affordable meet your needs wherever you go. Isn't that what you would expect in a leading cushion manufacturer? You should shop around so that you can see that other cushions on the market today are extremely over-priced as if you where not an informed consumer.

Basically they are trying to sell you a cushion for every different environment you sit in; although typically you sit the same wherever you go!
Designed around each individuals own body structure and make up. No seat cushion on the market can offer you the savings and benefits of the AQUA-AIRE CUSHION and we'll show you why. Here's how it works. AQUA-AIRE COMFORT SYSTEM is made up of three components that when put together offer you a controlled environment on which to rest your frame on. Each individual is unique from the next. Why then, would you buy a foam or gel cushion that is pre-made at the factory to suit everyone? We don't all wear the same size shoes?

The real secret is in the flow through bladder that you fill with water/air or air alone, a
natural extension of your body. Not some chemical gel or foam that breaks down over
time. Water and air migrate through the flow through openings in the bladder equalizing
and virtually eliminating shear force and pressure that causes constriction of blood flow
which ultimately leads to tissue damage. It is designed with a U-shaped cut out to relieve
pressure on the spine and help align the tailbone.

You can sit on the seat either way, with the U-shape suspending your tailbone or with it in the front to help elevate the legs
and increase blood flow. Switch the way you sit on it often to receive the full benefits.

We've all felt the tingling in our posterior when seated for any length of time. This is your body telling you that there is something wrong - get up, move! Unfortunately, there are some that don't have the luxury of this sensation; they are most at risk from pressure sores and loss of circulation. They/we, all need to protect ourselves to the best of our ability. We like to think of it as with shoes, you don't know how uncomfortable your feet are until you slip into some well made shoes designed to relieve pressure. It is the same while seated, we have all just learned to live with our discomfort, so much so that we don't even know we are uncomfortable. Sitting on a surface that is not ergonomically designed to protect you is just setting yourself up for extended visits to the chiropractor and Dr's office for those aching backs and headaches that are associated with miss aligned spines.

YOU can save money..... How?   AQUA-AIRE is by far the most economically priced cushion on the market for the advanced protection you receive. Possibly reduced visits to the Dr or Chiropractor and you don't need a loan to purchase it or be on Medicare as with some cushions. Not only that, we are almost certain that it will be the only seat cushion you'll ever purchase again. It doesn't break down, water is not compressible and you can always replace the water and air if you need.

You can’t say that about gel or foam! They break down and you purchase another one! We felt the most important components are as follows: Make the best seat on the market and make it the most affordable so all could enjoy the benefits. Don't take our word for it, visit our testimonials page and read about the real people who've had their lives changed by the AQUA AIRE!  Give yourself or someone in need the gift of comfort.

Use it anywhere..... Office, car, church, wheelchair, shower seat or the game, it can
even be used as a pillow or heating pad. WOW! 

Healthy seating can be achived for far less than what it would cost you for a roho seat, or other pads on the market that claim they are comfort pads, gel wheechair pads, or that they stop tailbone discomfort by offering you a donut cushion. Sitting in comfort because your'e in an elevated seating situation creates an ergonomic sitting condition.

 Whether you are looking to find comfort in an English saddle, Western saddle or because you cannot do without horse back riding because of your love for the sport; this custom inflatable can have you on your way to comfort throughout your ride.

Hopefully you do not have discomfort in a wheelchair because a gel wheelchair pad has broken down over time causing unnecessary pressure. If you are looking for wheelchair comfort than look no further. Aqua Aire Seat Cushion is the answer to your discomfort. Aqua Aire water and air give you never ending comfort and protection against tissue death, vibration and shock!

aqua aire cushion


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