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Use 2 Aqua Aire Cushions for driving

2 Aqua Aire Cushions for added support
Use 1 Aqua Aire Cushion for lumbar support and another to increase leg circulation.
Aqua-Aire Seat Cushion Comfort System customizes your needs regarding any seat cushion
About Us

About US/Mission Statement

                                                  The "Birth" of Aqua-Aire Comfort System

    Forty years ago, a friend of the family, in severe pain from breaking her tail bone, pregnant with twins; was required to sit for hours while she studied to be a court reporter. She sat there on her water bed, legs dangled over the side, and practiced her recording. The water bed with an air frame would offer the only relief of pressure on her tail bone. She was able to move with ease as she sat. The more and more she thought of the comfort she was getting from the water and air, she knew others might enjoy the same comfort while sitting.

    She created a "couch cushion" style of water seat and presented it to a water bed manufacturer. A single cushion, with three layers, was made. Unfortunately, she did not have the funds available to bring the water and air cushion to life.

    For almost twenty years, she enjoyed the sample cushion in her couch, but realized it was the only place she could use it. She decided to take the top layer and put it on her office chair. It was not designed for that seating situation. It was difficult to transport and did not conform to her body's contour. It wasn't practical for daily use but, none the less it offered unsurpassed comfort. She asked me what I thought could be done to make the cushion more presentable, efficient and practical. Together we came up with several ideas and went to work from there.

    Several years later, through many trials and tribulations, a handful of prototypes, the financial backing and manufactures, here we sit on the Aqua-Aire Comfort System. Our family and friends have enjoyed the benefits and great relief they have all received from the Aqua-Aire Comfort System. We are sure that you and yours will, too!

    To Your Comfort,

    Sherry Cline, President
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    We are family owned business since January 2003 with one thing in mind, your comfort!

    Our mission statement: "To provide every individual with healthy alternatives and improved way of life at a very affordable price. Along the way providing outstanding customer service, quality products and an environment where the customer is always right. To actively seek customer feedback in an attempt to meet their every need and endeavour to strengthen our community through knowledge and empowerment"


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