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Water and air comfort while driving!
Water and air comfort while driving reduces pressure points!
2 aqua aire cushions for added support
Use an Aqua Aire for lumbar support and an Aqua Aire Cushion for additional leg circulation!
Help Relieve Pressure Sores


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There is an invisible problem among people with spinal cord injuries, those on bed rest, or the elderly bound to their bed in nursing homes. They are all plagued by pressure sores (debicutus ulcers) because the loss of feeling and mobility in the lower body. These ulcers result from lack of circulation due to pressure on the soft tissues. Ulcers can be large and can extend to the bone.

Typically, post surgical confinement to bed degrades the health of the patient, beginning a downward health spiral. Several prodcuts exist that delay the formation of sores, but currently there is no clinically tested prodcut on the market that prevents their formation.

The Care for pressure sores in general is a major expense, estimated at $3-5 billion a year in the USA. People who use a wheelchair, are bed-ridden for more than eight years have a better than 80% chance of developing at least one pressure sore. Over 60,000 deaths annually in the US are attributed to pressure sore complications.

An average hospital stay of 90 days is required for a typical severe sore. To address the problem of pressure sore formation, Aqua-Aire Cushion designed and built a seat cushion to greatly decrease, possibly prevent pressure sores. Improving reliablity and safety. The cushion works by migrating water and air through a bladder virtually eliminating shear force and pressure on the user. Thus, the seat itself shifts the weight distribution.

Optimization of materials, fabrication method, all attribute to portential applications that extend past the prevention of pressure sores to reduction of fatique in professions that require long periods of sitting, such as truck driving and even office work.
water filled bladder to reduce pressure points3" of  HEAVEN!

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Blood Flow

Studies have shown that when individuals remain seated for prolonged periods of time, the blood flow to certain parts of their bodies is hindered. In most cases, this leads to sensations of numbness or soreness until the individual is able to get up and stretch their limbs. In extreme cases, this can lead to serious conditions such as deep-vein thrombosis, which can lead to blood clots.

Improving Blood Flow When Seated
Scientifically, prolonged seating causes compression of the perineal area of the body, which reduces blood flow to the urethra, bladder, prostate and legs. Additionally, the impeded blood flow can lead to the development of pressure sores that can cause tissue damage and in some cases, infection. When an individual gets up, there is a sudden rush of blood back to the area, which can cause inflammation or even nerve damage. Additionally, when blood flow is slowed in the legs, blood clots have an opportunity to form. These clots can then travel to other parts of the body, such as the lungs, with devastating effects.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from such conditions is to use a seat cushion designed to reduce and redirect the pressure applied to your body. Although there are currently a number of options available on the market, our Aqua Aire model has been shown to be the most effective. Its unique design, which uses a combination of water and air, redirects the sheer force exerted when a person sits and creates additional support for other areas of the body.

As opposed to gel or foam cushions, the firmness of an Aqua Aire seat cushion is fully adjustable. This can be done by varying the amount of water and air that is placed into the cushion. Conveniently portable, the Aqua Aire seat cushion is an excellent option no matter where you go: a concert, sporting event, a picnic, or simply watching television at home.

water bladder

bladder is filled with water and/or air to exact comfort level
water filled bladder