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Water and air comfort while driving!
Water and air comfort while driving reduces pressure points!
2 aqua aire cushions for added support
Use an Aqua Aire for lumbar support and an Aqua Aire Cushion for additional leg circulation!
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If you've ever sat in a church pew, you understand how uncomfortable sitting on a hard piece of wood for a number of hours can be. Not only is such a position uncomfortable but it can create an excessive amount of stress that can be detrimental to your physical health.

We designed the Aqua Aire seat cushion specifically so that it could be portable and used in a variety of locations, including a church pew.
Although there are a number of different seat cushion designs currently available on the market, studies have shown that water seat cushion, like the Aqua Aire seat cushion provides the greatest relief of all. Water and air are the two natural elements that are used to provide support with an Aqua Aire seat cushion. As a natural extension of your body, these elements are also the most effective at reducing vibrations and absorbing shocks.

Our goal at Aqua Aire is to provide you with the highest-quality and most-effective seat cushion available on the market today. Not only
have numerous studies shown the technology we use to be the most effective, but compared to a number of our competitors, our products are by far the least expensive. Ordering can be done directly via our website or phone at (602) 320-5780
custom water and air seat cushion just add water and air
Features Benefits
carrying case included, 3 layers of comfort- .5 in high density foam, zippered outer cover and inflatable bladder Alleviate the pressure and numbness while seated for long periods of time by customizing the area you sit on, reducess occlusion of blood, increases blood flow to lower extremities all the while giving you comfort while seated