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Water and air comfort while driving!
Water and air comfort while driving reduces pressure points!
2 aqua aire cushions for added support
Use an Aqua Aire for lumbar support and an Aqua Aire Cushion for additional leg circulation!
Motorcycle Seat Cushion  (NEW & IMPROVED) On Sale Now!
Motorcycle Seat Cushion  (NEW & IMPROVED) On Sale Now!
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For more than 5 years we have annihilated the competition in price, comfort and quality. We could charge much more for our product by why? Look what most suppliers charge - in excess of $160 for every-day products. We are enthusiast and feel the need to provide our patrons with not only the best seat on the market but the best seat on the market at a price that NO ONE can touch.

In fact, the best product on the market - Aqua-Aire Motorcycle seat cushions are now showing up on everything from Harley's to Yamaha's and more. Experienced riders have started becoming wise to the fact that the numbness and discomfort that accompanies long trips can be a harbinger of devastating nerve damage to come. Instead of mounting medical bills and lower productivity, these savvy motorcycle owners are opting for smart solutions instead.

Motorcycles pose a number of ergonomic concerns that even automobiles do not. Because the suspension is integrated into the flyweight design, you are more likely to feel the bumps and shocks of normal roadways. And because much of the turning involves your entire body, shear force pressure on your back and legs can quickly rise to dangerous levels. It’s not a matter of pride so much as it is a matter of longevity. If you have trouble riding without contending with lingering pain, it may be worth it to look into one of the top liquid-filed seat cushions on the market. A little help with weight distribution can pay off with years of greater comfort down the road.
Aqua-Aire Water and Air Motorcycle seat Cushion Inexpensive way to save your rear.
Features Benefits
Easily filled and emptied so you can roll with it anywhere Reduced occlusion of blood, shear force and shock while on the road - helps you stay fresh
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