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Water and air comfort while driving!
Water and air comfort while driving reduces pressure points!
2 aqua aire cushions for added support
Use an Aqua Aire for lumbar support and an Aqua Aire Cushion for additional leg circulation!
See What Actual Users of Aqua-Aire have to say....

dori west

Testimonial- Dori West Physical Therapist "Aqua-Aire Cushion provides stable low back support while adapting to changing setting positions. Reducing pressure points offering comfort and relief. I highly recommend Aqua-Aire to my patients especially anyone setting for long periods of time
Dori West Physical Therapist

Brent Boggs

I'm in a wheelchair 24/7. I've tried several different seat cushion but none provides me more comfort than the Aqua-Aire Cushion does. My Tush is happy!
Brent Boggs
New york

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I just bought an Aqua Aire cushion and will second that it is an enormous help in the comfort department.

I bought a heated Corbin Dual Tour and although it is much better than the stock seat, it still is a bit hard on the long haul. The Aqua Aire solves that....its like sitting on the sofa.

I thought that it might inhibit the effectiveness of the heated seat but after a while the heat is transferred into the water in the cushion so the Aqua Aire warms up nicely too.....though it takes a bit of time to get there.

The bottom of the fabric cover for the Aqua-Air sticks nicely to the hook side of velcro, so I just stuck some velcro on the Corbin and this holds the cushion well.

Hello, my name is Ken Thiesse owner of seatcushioncomfort

I'm a diabetic and had problems sitting at my computer for long periods of
time. My feet would tingle and eventually go numb. One day surfing the
Internet I came across Aqua Aire LLC the manufacturers of the Aqua Aire
Seat Cushion. To my surprise, they are located just miles from my home so
I met with them. While sitting there they gave me a cushion to sit on and
immediately noticed the difference, I couldn't believe it. After sitting there
for 45 minutes I did not experience any discomfort in my legs or feet nor
my butt for that matter. After trying it at home and at work, I was SOLD!
To make a long story short, I've become good friends with Kelley Smith
and Linda Dutton, the inventors of the Aqua Aire Seat Cushion and
became a distributor. It's so gratifying to have my customers take the time
to contact me after purchasing the Aqua Aire and thank me for what the
cushion has done for them

03-12-2006, 08:15 AM
Note: This is a repost from another thread on this site.

Well I was able to log about 130miles on the aqua-aire cushion today. First off, in an earlier post in this thread I lied. The Aqua-aire is not 90.00 US. It's 69.95 plus shipping......sorry!:o

The cushion is black and disappears once you plant your arse on same. Normally I can go about 30 miles before the butt bones start hurting and about 50 miles before they go numb. I just don't have any padding back there guys!:) Anyway I didn't start feeling any discomfort until about 100 miles and it was minor. I need to play around with the air/water mix a little to maximize comfort. I felt i had too much air in same but will let some out for next outing.

Dollar for dollar I challenge anyone to come up with a seat, cushion, whatever that does what the aqua-aire did for 39.90 US. Here is their website:

No I don't work for aqua-aire.:p At 70.00 US I doubt they can afford any kick backs to me;)

WARNING: Do not take pressure off of cushion while at speed. It will probably fly off. I plan on coming up with a way to fasten it under the seat. I think aqua-aire is missing a golden opportunity not customizing these cushions for different applications. They are one size fits all but fortunately they fit well on cruiser seats.

I plan on posting this at Rat and

I bought my Rocket used, and the previous owner went thru three seats ending with the low rider, which I left on. With my height I hardly need a low rider seat, so adding the Aqua-aire puts me about the same height as standard Triumph seat. I'm not sure what I'll end up with but for now I'm very happy to have some butt relief............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:D
03-12-2006, 04:18 PM
Considering that the Air Hawk is $250AUD over here... The Aqua Aire sounds like a bargain!!


From Virginia, USA

My mother has lost both her legs due to Leukemia and is confined to a wheelchair,  I had
tried everything  to help relieve her discomfort including purchasing a gel cushion that
nearly $500. It was not until I saw your cushion on QVC that I purchased and
shipped it to
China for her use. I must say, I was sceptic at first Because I thought if a $500
cushion can't
help,how can this one it only cost $70?

Well let me tell you! I was delighted when she called me and told me that is was the most
comfortable thing she had ever set on and was able to set for hours without having to
or be moved. She did mention she had some difficulty filling it up but that it was so
worth it.
I have since purchased 4 for myself and other family members. Thank you for
making this
product and  for making it so reasonable priced. It's nice to see that not
everyone is out to
gouge the consumer when they have a great product.

Thank you again so much - best of luck


mitch cerfus

Phoenix, AZ

I was paralyzed by a bullet when it hit my spine - it is still lodged there. I had so much trouble with
pressure sores and pain not to mention soreness of the back while at work. I would have to lie down
for a couple hours during the day. That has changed some I'm glad to say!

It has changed my life dramatically. I am single and raising my 14 year old daughter alone. I could
not set through a movie in the theatre without having
leg spasm and being extremely uncomfortable
or go on a plane Because of the length I would have to set. Well, I'm glad to report I set through the
3 hr Pirates of the Caribbean with my daughter without so much as a twitch and we are planning a
trip to Hawaii - all Because of the

I can't  thank you enough!



Dr Guy Houston
Chiropractor Physician/Acupuncturist          
Arrowhead Wellness Center
Phoenix, AZ   

The Aqua-Aire promotes a sense of relaxed state, relieving sheer force and pain
caused from lumbar rial pressure from  prolonged seating or standing. It allows
for improved blood flow by suspending the tail bone improving blood flow and  
DR Guy Houston appeared on American Health aired on CBS, Fox and UPN as a
promoter of Aqua-Aire

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:57 pm    Post subject: Getting
Comfortable on the Wing

"This info was taken from an independent chat board from a site that shares information
regarding motorcycle accessories".


Getting Comfortable on the Wing

This used to be called..."For Tall Riders." But most of these ideas work for
any sized
person, so I've color coded it to that end. You might think of this as
an info-mercial
on Goldwing comfort. Since we are all different, not everyone
will appreciate
everything and that's OK. Add your own suggestions. These
are the things that have
made the Wing fun for me and many others. Some
ideas came from other riders...
some from me...but I'm not telling.  So, read

Everything posted is applicable to tall riders.
[Blue denotes uses for shorter inseams as well.]


These are the accessories that have helped me most. I have
listed them in what I think is the order of helpfulness:

Aqua-Aire Seat Pad [Also for 1500s and Valks]

Mick-O-Peg Model K/D-HS [K/A-HS for longer inseams; K/L-HS for shorter]
more of a Harley seating position. [Also for 1500s and Valks and

Diamond Seat [Also for 1500s and Valks]

Reg Wing Wedge Handlebar Risers

Rattlebars Kickshifter and Peg Relocation Kit [also for Valks]

Kuryakyn 4453 Iso-Wing Mini Driver’s Boards

Airhawk Seat Pad [Also for 1500s and Valks]

I am 6’2”, 234 lbs., 32 ½” inseam [crotch to ankle, 34” pants.] It took me
over a
year and a half to research and come up with a way to be comfortable
on the GL 1800. I am finally there. I hope this info can be of help.


Recommendations: If you are not satisfied with your seating position now,
would be a relatively inexpensive way to start. It will raise you up 1/2 inch
to 1 1/2
inch depending on how much water and air you add. If you find it does
not work as a
motorcycle seat you can always use it in the office, around the
house or as a stadium pad.]

Here is what one rider emailed me about his that he uses on the stock seat:


I thought I would never get comfort on this GW....I looked high and
low...from Airhawk, to gel-pad...I think I have tried them all. I was
ready to fork big dollars of a Diamond seat, and then this Aqua-Aire
cushion came along and changed my ride for ever. I now ride for
hours on end without any discomfort. Daniel...there is a God after
all....LOL.  all....LOL.  

Sharon Flynn

 "I just received my Aqua Aire cushion
and I am so happy with it. I have a
bad hip (soon to be replaced)
and I
found that I could sit in my
chair a lot
longer without the pain
that I usually
experience in my hip.
Also, my back
doesn't hurt like it used
to. I had to use
trial and error to get
it to the right
firmness, but am so
happy with this
cushion that I
recommend it to everyone!"

Sharon Flynn

While it is my opinion[especially for taller riders]that an aftermarket seat is the best solution, many are hesitant to spend that much. A good place to start would be the Aqua-Aire seat pad which sells in the $60 to $70 range.
I have been an advocate of the Airhawk Seat Pad for the last two years. It has been an excellent pad though it is $150 plus shipping. Recently, someone on one of the boards mentioned using the Aqua Air Seat Pad and for the price of $70 including shipping, along with a [cheap] carry bag.

I had been playing around with my Diamond Seat [reviewed below] to find the best height and decided to try this out to see what it could do. I wanted a bit more height comfortably. This does the trick and made a great seat just about perfect.

The AA pad offers a combination of water and air support. The pad is larger than the Airhawk and about the same size as the Airvent offering full "big butt" support. So far, so good. But this is where the AA excells. It does not taper in the front so it hangs over the tapered part of the seat, moreso on stock than on my Diamond. This gives the added thigh support that most of us "oldwingers" appreciate and need. This pad is definitely more comfortable for me than the Airhawk, but since I have an Airhawk, I tried it out on top of the AA. Very Good! If you can take the added height and already own an AH, adding the AA underneath might be a good idea. I would choose the AA over the AH if I were to do it all over again.

Recommendations: If you are not satisfied with your seating position now, this would be a relatively inexpensive way to start. It will raise you up 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch depending on how much water and air you add. If you find it does not work as a motorcycle seat you can always use it in the office, around the house or as a stadium pad.]

I've used an Aqua-Aire cushion for several years on my 'Wing; I find it works splendidly on my Exec as well. These go for about $70 US, last I checked. They won't replace a Russel, maybe, but they do a fine job of keeping my butt comfy for many a mile for not much $. Fill it with H20, air, or both and you're sitting on a cushion that "gives" with you as your weight shifts, and spreads said weight over a large-ish area. They work best on bikes if you turn 'em around backwards so the "wings" point forward, providing thigh-support.
I had mine filled about 1/2-way with water & the rest of the way with air. Thus over-filled, it developed a leak from a too-tiny-to-see hole, which I learned can be caused by a sudden, dramatic increase in weight on the cushion (like when you go over big bumps, RR tracks, etc and come down again). To prevent this (and the manufacturer's advice to begin with, which I had of course ignored), fill the thing only about 1/3 to 1/2 full. It works fine thusly. I used air only, no water, just in case it decided to leak again; all has been fine for a while. Only downside for some is that the A.A. wil raise you up an inch or two, depending on how full you fill it.
Kudos to Sherry @ Aqua-Aire: I told her I tried to repair my leak with Super Glue as per her instructions and when this proved temporary, they sent me three new bladders no charge! Customer service is still alive & well in America. Google 'em & you'll find 'em.


Peter Hitchens

Posted on:
Monday, July 30, 2007 - 10:44 pm:

I fill mine with 20% water and 20% air. This provides enough cushion without bursting the liner. I've ridden Iron Butt rides with my Aqua Aire and would not trade it. I've tried all the other pads and cushions and have found this to be the best for me. The key is not to over can always add more water or air if cushion is not sufficient.


AJ Prindle

Aqua-Aire Cushion

Patented cushion technology so comfortable you'll bring it everywhere.
This is the most comfortable cushion we've ever tested. The hydropneumatic cushion provides maximum comfort and support with a highly resilient inner water cushion and air chamber customizable to the exact level of firmness you desire. Lifetime guarantee against leaks. This system produces over 25% less shear stress than gel or foam cushions, a significant factor in comfort. The technologically advanced design suspends the tailbone, helping relieve painful pressure points and spinal tension fatigue, helping you arrive at your destination rested and refreshed. Once you sit on this incredible cushion, you'll want one everywhere office, stadium and car!