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Be Comfortable on the road!
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Today it often feels as though truck drivers spend more time in their seat than they do anywhere else. Between jobs, long haul through several states, and dreaded traffic jams, the average American Trucker spends countless uncomfortable hours in their Rig.

Not only does this have a tendency to affect our emotional mind sets, but the constant sitting can have a number of negative physical effects as well. Adding Comfort with a LONG HAUL Seat Cushion although your Truck seat may feel comfortable, in truth it places a certain amount of pressure on your lower body that over time, can cause irreparable damage.

Using a LONG HAUL seat cushion, such as our Aqua Aire, is an effective way to significantly reduce this stress. Although the Aqua Aire won't help speed up a traffic jam, it'll make sure that you stay comfortable throughout the length of it. The gel cushion was initially developed to help alleviate the pressure that is applied to a person's body when they remain seated for extended periods of time. The basic idea is that the Gel would be able to diffuse the pressure and create support in the surrounding areas. Although the gel cushion is an effective tool, Gel breaks down over time and requires replacement – not so with Aqua-Aire Cushion!

Newer technologies have recently been proven to be more effective in a number of studies….not only alleviating pressure more effectively but allowing each individual to customize each Seat Cushion to deal specifically with their needs. TOTE BAG INCLUDED

Pricing is another significant difference between the two types of cushion. Although the gel cushion is less effective than the Aqua Aire, it is typically 2 times more expensive because it requires extensive manufacturing to produce the Gel Product that fills their cushions. Not Aqua-Aire – it requires water and air (natural abundant material) how ingenious!! Therefore, not only is it not adjustable and less effective than the Aqua Aire, but it costs significantly more. We designed the Aqua Aire as the ultimate portable and affordable cushion to provide you with pain relief no matter where you go. Instead of being filled with a gel that cannot be removed, the Aqua Aire can be emptied out for easier transportation. Its exterior pouch has been designed with a comfortable cotton/Lycra top and a non-skid bottom. In addition, all of our Aqua Aire seat cushions come with a convenient plastic carrying case, built with additional pockets for extra convenience.

**picture shows TWO SEAT CUSHIONS  one on seat and one on lumbar (SOLD SEPARATELY)
Be comfortable on your long trips!water and air TOTE included

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Blood Flow

Studies have shown that when individuals remain seated for prolonged periods of time, the blood flow to certain parts of their bodies is hindered. In most cases, this leads to sensations of numbness or soreness until the individual is able to get up and stretch their limbs. In extreme cases, this can lead to serious conditions such as deep-vein thrombosis, which can lead to blood clots.

Improving Blood Flow When Seated
Scientifically, prolonged seating causes compression of the perineal area of the body, which reduces blood flow to the urethra, bladder, prostate and legs. Additionally, the impeded blood flow can lead to the development of pressure sores that can cause tissue damage and in some cases, infection. When an individual gets up, there is a sudden rush of blood back to the area, which can cause inflammation or even nerve damage. Additionally, when blood flow is slowed in the legs, blood clots have an opportunity to form. These clots can then travel to other parts of the body, such as the lungs, with devastating effects.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from such conditions is to use a seat cushion designed to reduce and redirect the pressure applied to your body. Although there are currently a number of options available on the market, our Aqua Aire model has been shown to be the most effective. Its unique design, which uses a combination of water and air, redirects the sheer force exerted when a person sits and creates additional support for other areas of the body.

As opposed to gel or foam cushions, the firmness of an Aqua Aire seat cushion is fully adjustable. This can be done by varying the amount of water and air that is placed into the cushion. Conveniently portable, the Aqua Aire seat cushion is an excellent option no matter where you go: a concert, sporting event, a picnic, or simply watching television at home.


The Aqua Aire seat cushion is a revolutionary invention that is designed to greatly reduce stress to the lower back and substantially increase comfort when seated. Although there have recently been a number of newly designed cushions using a variety of modern materials, studies have shown that the Aqua Aire seat cushion is by far the most effective. By combining two natural elements, water and air, the Aqua Aire seat cushion uses a patented flow through design, allowing users to adjust it to their own comfort level.

Adjustable Comfort--The Aqua Aire Seat Cushion
The Aqua Aire seat cushion was born out of necessity. After breaking her tailbone, a family friend discovered that the only place she could sit comfortably was on her air-framed waterbed. From that concept, an initial portable prototype was made. That Prototype has been improved over the years to become the Aqua Aire seat cushion that exists today.

The Aqua Aire seat cushion has been ergonomically designed in a "U" shape to perfectly fit the contour of a person's body for optimum comfort. The cushion has an insert through which the user can fill it with water. Air is then blown into the cushion for a desired firmness. Finally, a high-quality zippered cover is also included for the exterior of the cushion.

You can order the Aqua Aire seat cushion directly via our website. More importantly, we have such faith in our product that it comes with a 30 day risk-free trial offer. This means that if you aren't 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund, less shipping charges.